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Tom has been playing the bass professionally since the early 90's. He is renowned for being a solid, reliable grooving bassist, versatile in many genres and situations. 

He has performed on stage with well known Swedish artists such as Carola, Jojje Wadenius, Janne Shaffer, Sanna Nielsen, Alcazar, Jennifer Brown, Anders Widmark, Claes Jansson, Mats Ronander, Måns Zelmerlöw, Frida Öhrn, Cotton Club, Afrodite and many more.


After an artistic graduation from The Royal College Of Music in Stockholm, he soon became the bassist in the legendary, late jazz/fusion guitar player Jan Tolf's Funk@teers band where he met with, and also joined several band-constellations with, the late great saxophone player David Wilczewski.


In the late 90's Tom became a steady member of the afrobeat band Oyindu, playing Nigerian Fela Kuti style basslines with strong funky flavours. They ended up releasing the "Unification" album and playing on many festivals and club scenes before the band went separate ways. After that, he took the bassist role in Sweden's, at that time only professional Rai orchestra, Hada Raina, playing Algerian rhythms mixed with reggae, funk and high-life.

Other members of that band was renowned guitar player ZilverZurf from Dag Vag and horn player Klas Jervfors Turner, who recently finished recording his second instrumental album, with Tom on bass.

Every know and then, Tom produces and acts as musical director in his own funk projects, for nearly 2 decades now.

"The Roots Of Funk" is  best described as a collective musical project with several musical facets. Numerous appreciated performances at well known Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm (also at Sandviken Bangen Jazz & Blues Festival).

He gathers some of Sweden's finest musicians and presents a musical journey of funk music, through the 70's and 80's.

Another of his highly acclaimed projects is "The Herbie Hancock Headhunters Experience" concert series, intended as a unique homage to one of the funkiest jazz groups ever.

Adam Forkelid, one of Sweden's  absolutely finest young jazz piano players took on the role as Herbie with elegance and flawless perfection. There were a few hot line-ups through the years, Dave Wilczevski was followed by rising young jazz star Klas Toresson on saxophones. Eminent session drummers like André Ferrari, Pelle Claesson and Robert Ikiz have all been part of the collective, as well as highly experienced percussionist/drummer Mats Persson. Talented guitarists such as Andy Pfeiler, Lars Bjurhäll, Joel Sahlin and many more of Stockholm's great musicians have contributed to these highly appreciated concert series.

"The common ingredient in "The Roots Of Funk" projects, besides the fine musicianship and the great funky music itself, is the high attention to details in the rehearsals and performances. It's almost an obsession of mine to try to reproduce the "vibe", not only of the songs themselves but of the actual sound from the original recordings...and make it come alive again, recreate that sound on stage. It's a fun creative challenge and special feeling indeed when you really nail it. I guess it's like I'm trying to create an experience of time travelling - a reminiscence for the audience, for the band and for myself..."


me on Electric/Synth-bass

André Ferrari - Drums

Sebastian Printz - Percussion

Joel Sahlin - Guitar

Adam Forkelid - Fender Rhodes/Synths

Klas Toresson - Saxophones


me on Fender Jazz Bass

Robert Ikiz - Drums

Mats Persson - Percussion

Lars Bjurhäll - Guitar

Adam Forkelid - Fender Rhodes/Synths

Klas Toresson - Saxophones


me on Fender '78 P Bass

Pelle Claesson - Drums

Mats Persson - Percussion

Andy Pfeiller - Guitar

Adam Forkelid - Rhodes (solo)

Kettil MEdelius - Keys

David Wilczevski - Soprano Saxx

Andreas Andersson - Alto Sax

Staffan Findin - Trombone


me on Synthesizer Bass

Andreas "Suedi" Henriksson - Drums

Stella Thors Berefeldt - Percussion

Joel Sahlin - Guitar & Vocals

Stefan Jernståhl - Talkbox solo

Mats Byström - Keys

Anna Sahlene - Vocal adds



me on Fender '78 P Bass

Andreas "Suedi" Henriksson - Drums

Maria Olsson - Percussion

Joel Sahlin - Guitar & Vocals

Andreas Aleman - Keys & Vocals

Carl Flemsten - Keys

Elin "EllyEve" Svensson - Lead Vocals

Jonas Holmberg - Lead Vocals

In 2008 Tom was invited to soul/funk singer, composer Andreas Alemans Band during the release of his first album "This Is Life". Since then he has been a steady member of his prominent 9 piece band with some of the finest musicians in Sweden.

Tom was also heard on bass on many of the recordings of Andreas' following albums: "It's The Journey" (2012) and "Home For Christmas" (2014), where legendary session vocalist Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan etc) featured in the duet "Celebrate The Season".

Tom also featured as co/writer on the song "Somehow I Found Home" (2016).


"Playing with Andreas is one of the most enjoyable things I can imagine, I love his songs and his voice is so touching...and above all his band is totally freakin' awesome!"

"Through the years I have had the privilege to be part of many great productions and shows but when I got called in to sub on bass in late 2016, with the nr 1 Disco group in Sweden, Alcazar's show "Disco Defenders" at club Hamburger Börs in Stockholm - I was really exited. It was an honour to be part of this supertight amazing band and an extravaganza show beyond what I have ever encountered"

"Another breathtaking adventure in my life as a bassplayer is being part of Swedish ABBA tribute band "The Visitors" (previously named "Waterloo"). I have been a member for over 20 years now and  it was ABBA's song treasure that turned me inte a world wide touring musician. We have had the priviledge of touring most European countries and all the way to India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and even inside the Kreml in Moscow, Russia.


One of my most memorable gigs must have been when we were part of a sold out show in London's famous Royal Albert Hall in 2007.

But mainly I've been part of some amazing extensive touring in the USA over 20 times now, starting back in 2002 with the american  21st Century Artists Inc. - production called "The Concert - A Tribute To ABBA".

I have so far performed in over 25 states and we have regularly sold out venues like "The Wolf Trap" outside D.C., "The Filmore" Miami Beach", "The Melody Tent" Cape Cod and I will never forget the times I performed in front of 15.000 people at the "Hollywood Bowl" arena in Los Angeles..

Here is some live footage from 2 shows on the US summer tour in 2019


"I've appeared on swedish state television (SVT) several times during the years. The videos beneath shows one of my first "big" moments sharing the stage with maybe Sweden's most famous singer Carola in the popular TV show "Bingolotto" in 2001. The other video is from the same TV show but 18 years later in 2019 with the entertainment orchestra Cotton Club with guest singer Kayo!"

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