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Tom started playing music professionally back in the 1990s and soon earned a name for himself at the Stockholm music scene.

With both parents being musicians, his interest in music started at a very young age.

Listening to music from all over the world taking inspiration from many genres; funk, jazz, reggae, soul, world-music, classical composers, early house and hip hop, rock, fusion etc Tom developed his style of playing by experimenting  with landscapes of funky hooks and prominent basslines.


A very groove oriented mindset opened up innovative mixing methods in Toms DJ:ing, such as improvising with instruments as the vocoder, synthesizers, bass guitar or collaborating with other musicians - shaping the DJ set into a unique live performance. 

“I really have an open mind to all kinds of music and enjoy playing everything that makes you wanna move your butt - for me it’s about the grooves and funky bass lines. That is what creates the foundation of dance music, wether it's disco, funk, soul or house music.

That being said, the most important thing is being perceptive to the audience. After all I am a performer and it is my job to deliver..both as a bassplayer and as a DJ.


Genres don’t actually matter that much honestly. We tend to focus too much on terminology sometimes instead of just a first hand experience.

A good DJ rises above all that, I think and moves as he feels appropriate effortlessly between genres, creating the perfect soundset for whatever occation.

I feel creative and I am expressing myself through my choices behind the DJ booth, creating an atmosphere of love and some brief moments of letting go of life’s worries.”


Tom is equally comfortable playing old-school style with turntables (...mostly 70s/80s vinyls), as he is playing a more hi-tech modern digital approach with controllers, instruments and samplers.

His experience includes countless private- and large corporate partys, bar DJ:ing as well as playing dance music from behind the club booth.

Some quotes:

          "Tom! The guests were really satisfied and many asked where I had found you,

so you might have more calls to expect... ;)

As I sensed already from our first conversation, your

dedicated and professional approach immediately gave me the feeling that this party surely would be a success, and that was no doubt a great relief!"

            "Hey Tom! Thanks for an amazing DJ achievement!

Everything turned out exactly as we wanted with a continous flow of guests to the dancefloor! Just awesome!

We´ll surely keep in touch when we plan the next party!"

​            "Hello Tom!! We are extremely satisfied!! A million Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!

You are so GOOD and knew precisely what we were looking for!

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