Belt Street Studio!

Alongside my career as a bassplayer and DJ, I also slowly began building a studio of my own. It started as a small bedroom cradle in the beginning of the 90's but slowly evolved to a professional hybrid set up, using both software and analog hardware, at a location at Belt Street right in the heart of downtown Stockholm.

I simply love everything about mixing and all the details of sculpting a track from the raw, giving it life. In fact everything about the music studio life is appealing to me. It is just as creative and inspiring as playing an instrument. The tools of the studio make the instrument and the mixing (and producing) process is a way of expressing your inner ideas - an art form in itself.


Come to think of it, I have always had a passion for sound and soundscapes.

I hear music in fact everywhere. Not just the countless records I eagerly consumed (and still consume) during my teens, studying the inner sleeves, intrigued by the lyrics and all the names behind the tracks that I loved so much - but for me there is also a sort of music in the sounds of nature...and the city, in conversations etc.

It is an interesting topic by the way. What is music, is there a point where music ends and becomes just sound?

If so, where is that point?

However that may be - the magic and the importance of all that happens before, during and after the recording process is something that I have always been very aware of and drawn to.

I didn't have the means, or the time to develop some sort of studio until later on in life. But I am so happy that I decided to discover this path too.

I can really feel that spark of pure joy every time I get a new project to mix and since I think that following our passion sparks is one of the most important guides we have in life, I will follow.


I am extremely focused on developing my growing studio and on sharpening my skills on all the tools of the trade. I am fairly new in this business - but I am beginning to see more and more clients finding me, and I find great joy in the thought of expanding my studio over time.

At this point the studio's focus is on pre/post production and mixing part only, due to lack of space.

A goal down the road is to eventually expand with a complete recording room, but I am also happy as it is to focus solely on mixing duties.

Feel free to contact me if you might be interested in what I can offer or if you have further questions.


This is one of my remixes of a track by San Fransisco based producer Viceroy that I am a little proud of since I won 2nd runner up in Splice community remix contest 2018.

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