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Alongside my career as a bassplayer and DJ, I also began building a studio of my own. It started as a small bedroom cradle in the beginning of the 90's and slowly evolved to a professional hybrid set up with software and outboard hardware. The location is convenient right in the heart of downtown Stockholm.

I simply love everything about mixing. All the details in sculpting a track from the raw, moulding it into perfection is a highly creative process of making appropriate choices with the tools you have at hand.

It is just as creative and inspiring as playing an instrument in my opinion.

The tools of the studio make the instrument and the mixing/producing process is a way of expressing your inner ideas - it is an artform in itself, indeed.


Feel free to contact me, if you might be interested in what I can offer or if you have any questions.

Below are some samples of what I have been working on...

Remix of San Fransisco based producer Viceroy (won 2nd runner up in Splice community remix contest 2018).

The latest release (dec 2020) from the studio. I mixed all tracks on the album -"a & a".

I also play the electric bass.

Remix -released 2019 on Playground Music. Danish Producers Varano's "Fairweather Friends" featuring Diane Charlemagne on vocals

Cinematic Tensions/HorrorTom Beimel
00:00 / 06:54
Stake Out (Ocean's 11 Style).Tom Beimel
00:00 / 01:38