- The Studio -


Alongside my career as a bassplayer and DJ, I also began building a studio of my own. It started as a small bedroom cradle in the beginning of the 90's and slowly evolved to a professional hybrid set up with both software and outboard hardware. The location is convenient and cozy, right in the heart of downtown Stockholm.

I simply love everything about mixing. Working with the tiny details when sculpting a track from the raw and slowly moulding it into perfection (hopefully), is nothing less than a highly creative process while making appropriate choices with the tools you have at hand.

It is just as creative and inspiring as playing an instrument or performing live, in my opinion.

The tools of the studio make the instrument and the mixing/producing process is a way of expressing  one's inner ideas and sonic visions - it is an artform in itself, indeed.


If you might be interested in what I can offer or if you have any questions - please contact me and we can discuss your project and what you would like to achieve.

Below are some samples of what I have been working on.


I'm really "into", and have a wide experience of all sorts of musical genres from nearly 30 years as a musician and a DJ as well as working in studios. One thing that I honestly guarantee is, that working with me will provide you with 100% commitment from my side and a sincere devotion to your vision.


Of course you would want to know things like prices and such - and with me, there won't be any hidden fees for sure or any unexpected expenses due to "extra" time or re-work on a mix.

After an initial "get to know one another" discussion, where we both eventually usually come to an agreement on a fair budget, of course all depending on what it is that you would want me to do and the scope of your project. The amount of time (hours) that can be estimated on my behalf, will of course be taken into concideration usually when setting a price. But this needs to be said - I really do think the most important thing, is to have that first discussion, because there are so many factors that matter to me when presenteing a studio rate, and it is a subject of negotion per client.

For me the creative aspect is immensly important and I always take the bigger picture into account before making decisions budgetwise.

In other words, don't be a stranger. Give me a call and let's discuss your vision. :)

Remix of San Fransisco based producer Viceroy (won 2nd runner up in Splice community remix contest 2018).

The latest release (dec 2020) from the studio. I mixed all tracks on the album -"a & a".

I also play the electric bass.

Remix -released 2019 on Playground Music. Danish Producers Varano's "Fairweather Friends" featuring Diane Charlemagne on vocals

Cinematic Tensions/HorrorTom Beimel
00:00 / 06:54
Stake Out (Ocean's 11 Style).Tom Beimel
00:00 / 01:38