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- Mixing & Producing at "Queen Street Audio Studio" -

Tom Beimel ins his studio

I simply love every detail about mixing and producing music, mainly I suppose because there is a highly creative process involved.

To me it is, in fact just as creative as playing an artform indeed.

Since 2017 I began running "Queen Street Audio Studio", my little gem right in the heart of Stockholm.

An intimate and creative space for working with all sorts of audio production whether it be music or post production.

I do all sorts of mixing, in all genres. From electronic to acoustic, from jazz to house and everything in between.

After an initial contact, either a meeting irl or online, we discuss your vision.

From there, we can agree on things like what timeline we are dealing with, what costs are involved and all necessary stuff that should be aired.

I don't use hourly rates. Prices are varying depending on the nature and amount of work that needs to be done.

We'll come up with an agreement that is personal and completely tailored on your specifical circumstances.

It's really important to me that it feels good for both of us.

My experience in audio runs decades back, ranging from: close up music production, where I assist, coach and help develop ideas from scratch, including arranging and/or recording, all the way if requested up to a finalised deliverable  matched and tuned to commercial standards of streaming or broadcast.

Also, I have a deep knowledge and long experience from mixing audio. Mostly music but also within post-production/dialogue editing/sound-design for film or commercials.

Currently I work as an instructor at AVID, Apple training partner "Be Licensed" presenting audio production courses since 2021.

I teach mixing, mastering, recording and the basics of AVID Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro (101 & 110 level certifications).

I am also certified trainer for Black Magic Designs DaVinci Resolve video editing software, specializing in the Fairlight section (audio post).

If you might be interested in what I can offer - please take a look at the Contact Page and drop me a line.





Below are some various samples of what I have been working in the studio:

This is my mix/remix of "1999" by San Fransisco based producer Viceroy. It won 2nd runner up price in Splice community remix contest, 2018.

A 2020 release from the duo "a & a". I mixed all tracks (and I also played the electric bass).

Another remix, released 2019 on Playground Music Scandinavia. Danish producers Varano's track "Fairweather Friends", featuring Diane Charlemagne on vocals.

Various mixes and masters I have done recently:

I mixed the full length album "Still Here" (2023) by the swedish singer-songwriter/guitar player Karl Anders Claes.

A 2023 release where I both produced, recorded and mixed - the swedish band "Lyftet".

Another release that I co-produced, and mixed, arranged and recorded for "Lyftet" 2023.

Some cinematic sound design...

Cinematic Tensions/HorrorTom Beimel
00:00 / 06:54
Stake Out (Ocean's 11 Style).Tom Beimel
00:00 / 01:38
A Dreamy DriveTom Beimel
00:00 / 01:43
In TransitTom Beimel (aka "Reel")
00:00 / 02:18
Wicked MemoriesTom Beimel (aka "Reel")
00:00 / 02:36
Bansuri MeditationTom Beimel
00:00 / 03:14
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